Welcome to the CI 2014 website!

The 18th Annual Colorado Invitational Bible Quiz Tournament will be held Friday night and Saturday, February 14th & 15th at Woodside Baptist Church in Denver, Colorado.

The CI 2014 presents a great opportunity for your team to compete with other top-level Bible quiz teams from around the country. Aside from the competition, the CI is also a great opportunity for healthy Christian Fellowship with other teens, coaches, parents, and supporters that love God and His Word. We believe that this tournament will be a challenge and encouragement for all teams that attend.

The theme for the CI 2014 is “The Greatest is Charity” and is taken from 1 Corinthians 13:13.  The verse says, “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.”  What a powerful thought!  The Apostle Paul is such a great example to us of an individual who understood the importance of love in the Christian’s life.  He (through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit) is challenging us not to lose the importance of having love as the foundation of our lives.  Using God the Father’s love to us and God the Son’s sacrificial example of love, Paul lays out that practical, active, accurate love is to be the main characteristic in the Christian’s life.  It is a motivation for us to see that it is not enough to merely talk about love, but active, accurate love is vital.  May we learn and grow in our love for God and others as we stack up our current love with the love that is described in the Bible.  When we accurately live out the love that God describes, God can do great things through us!

The schedule and format for the CI 2014 will be almost identical to the CI 2013. The tournament will once again start with six preliminary rounds on Friday night, resume with two preliminary rounds on Saturday morning, then culminate with the double elimination rounds when the preliminary rounds are finished on Saturday. There will once again be two divisions: the Elite Division and Division II. The Elite Division will be for varsity level quizzers/teams that have previous quizzing experience and are prepared for National-level quizzing. The 2nd Division will be for less experienced Sr. High Quizzers, any Jr. High or JV teams, and even for more experienced elementary quizzers.

If your Colorado stay permits, we would also love to have you stick around and go skiing with us on Monday, the 17th (President’s Day)!  Ski information (lift ticket cost, rental options, etc) will be posted under the “Ski Day” button above.

We hope this website will help you & and your team as you prepare to come to Colorado.  Do not hesitate to follow the links to the past CI websites for pictures, place winners, etc.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us (email is probably the best way).

In Christ,
Pastor Jono Scott