We will be using AACS rules throughout the tournament with the following additions/exceptions:

1. Teams

Schools or Churches may have more than one team but quizzers may not switch teams or divisions once quizzing has begun.

2. Questions

All Quizzes of the day will end after 20 correctly answered questions or 25 regular/tossup questions have been asked—whichever comes first. The questions are designed to cover all of the chapters in the Passage. Included in the questions for each round will be 4 quote or finish-the-verse questions. Free Questions will be randomly selected questions and may include quote or finish the verse questions.

3. Substitutions

The number of substitutions in any quiz is unlimited; however, substitutions can only be made during a timeout (2 per team per quiz) or for replacement of a quizzer who has quizzed out.

4. Seeding

Round-Robin seeding will be randomly assigned. If we have 9 teams, the teams will be randomly numbered 1-9 and then entered into a pre-existing bracket.

Elimination Seeding will be based on a team's record during the Round-Robin matches. The High-Win team will walk away from each match with 10 points, the Middle-Win team with 7 and the Low team with only 1.

Seeding: High 10 Points
  Mid 7 Points
  Low 1 Point
  Bye 5 Points

Ties in total points will be decided based on the following criteria:

1. Least number of losses
2. Greatest number of High Wins
Rule Change: Give Points to Previous Year CI Winners (6 teams eligible)
3. 1st Place +3 Points, 2nd Place +2 Points, 3rd Place +1 Point
4. Total of Team Scores for All Matches
5. Head to Head for those 2 teams that still tied

Elimination bracketing:
A team cannot be given a Bye in 2 consecutive rounds

Byes must be determined based on:

a. Higher # of quizzes (difference > 1 )
b. Least # of Byes
c. Total # of quizzes (difference <= 1 )
d. Highest Seeding Position (in case of a tie)

5. Finals:

When there are only 3 teams remaining in a division, scoring changes from Elimination to Finals.

No Questions Limit: Quizzing continues until a 20th correct question is reached.
No Time Limit

6. Cell Phones:

Quizzers may not use a cellphone at ALL during a match, first offense can results in an error, or disqualification at the quizmaster's discretion.

New Rules:

Please note the new AACS rules from 2011. Particularly the rules stating that a time-out can be called up to question 20 and that fouls will be called for distracting or delaying the flow of a quiz.

All Rules posted here are FINAL when the tournament starts, no changes can be made after the 1st round begins.