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General Information


  • Schedule




General meeting for all teams and coaches in auditorium

9:00 - 11:10

Preliminary Rounds

11:10-12:15 Double Elimination Rounds 1 & 2



1:00 – 7:00

Elimination Rounds

7:00 – 7:30

Finals/Championship Rounds



  • Passage

    • The passage we will be quizzing over is I & II Corinthians.

  • Tournament Format

    • Each team will be assured 7 matches with the possibility of up to 18 matches.

    • The morning rounds will be strictly preliminary round robin matches. These preliminary matches will seed teams for the double elimination rounds.

    • AACS rules will be followed for this tournament. with Minor Exceptions, (see Rules)

  • General Information

    Today’s Quizmasters: Mr. Dave Douglas, Mr. Bill Valentine, Pastor Craig Scott, Mr. Matt West, Mr. David Poston and Pastor Troy Self

  1. The format for today’s tournament will be as follows:
    We will hold 5 preliminary rounds. These rounds will be held in 4 rooms with 3-team quizzing and 2 rooms with 2-team quizzing. The preliminary rounds will be scored on a point system. In a 3-team quiz, the high winner will receive 30 pts, the middle winner will receive 20 pts, and the losing team will receive 10 pts. In a 2-team quiz, the high winner will receive 25 pts and the losing team will receive 15 pts. In the preliminary rounds, every team will quiz in a 2-team quiz at least once. Four teams will quiz twice in a 2-team quiz. There will be a running point total in the church foyer that will determine the seeding for the double elimination tournament. In the case that there is a tie record at the end of the preliminary rounds, the next consideration will be high-middle-loss records, then head-to-head competition, and finally accumulative points scored throughout the 5 rounds. After a quiz is finished, please move to your next quiz location as soon as possible.

  2. After the 5 preliminary rounds, all teams will continue into the double elimination tournament. The top seeded team will automatically receive a bye for the first round of double elimination.

  3. The C.I. Tournament quizzing will take place in six rooms:

    • The Main Auditorium

    • The Fireplace room

    • The Choir room (downstairs)

    • The FLC room (downstairs)

    • The Children’s room (downstairs)

    • The Old Balcony room (upstairs left room)

  4. For your convenience, a concession room is open in the kitchen area all day at no cost to tournament participants, families, or fans. Everything is free to you so please stay nourished, hydrated, and energized (especially during the afternoon and early evening rounds).

  5. Lunch will be through-the-line style. Lunch is for everyone attending the tournament as a participant, or fan. No tickets are needed. Due to the room situation, after you obtain your lunch, you may sit anywhere in the building (suggested area—Fireplace room). Please be helpful and throw away your trash.

  6. Quizzers, for individual scoring purposes, please wear your name cards during every quiz so that the scorekeepers can see them. Coaches, please fill out the appropriate quiz name and number information on the provided sheet and give to the scorekeeper before each quiz.

  7. After each quiz in the final rounds, the next quiz information will be posted on the screen in the church foyer area and announced by the quizmasters.


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